Sangre por Sangre


Shots and explosions on the streets of Mexico


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Sangre por Sangre is a free first-person shooter where you control a police officer who embarks on a solitary war against a drug cartel on the streets of Mexico.

You'll advance through different levels set in warehouses, houses, streets, etc., all of which are well-guarded by members of the cartel, who are on the lookout to put an end to your brave effort.

Luckily, as you progress through the game you'll find more and more weapons. You'll start off with just a pistol, but soon you'll uncover various types of machine guns, shotguns, and even a sniper rifle.

Sangre por Sangre has spectacular graphics, including outstanding character designs and carefully-done lighting effects. The only problem here is with the animations, which are a little crude, featuring characters jumping through the air in an unrealistic manner.

Sangre por Sangre is an action-packed FPS that allows you to come face to face with tons of enemies, use different weapons, and advance through a pretty interesting story. The game also includes an online cooperative mode.
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